Ideas for the Semester Project: An Attempt to Hit the Ground Running

February 1, 2009 at 10:22 pm (Research)

For the semester project pitch session, I did a little sit down and had some conversations to try and come up with three potential ideas that would keep my attention for the entire semester. These are the fruits of my efforts:

Baltimore Music:

Last April, Rolling Stone magazine proclaimed that Baltimore was the “Best Scene.” A big part of the scene is music. With a growing amount underground acts threatening to break through and mainstream bands to its name, there is a lot of ground to cover. There are also a number of venues to peruse and events to attend. For example Recher Theatre, right up the street from Towson University campus, Sonar and the Talking Head Club in addition to several others in Baltimore city.

Baltimore Art:

As a stand-alone or a possible add-on to the music idea, the artistic scene of Baltimore has a lot to offer. There are museums scattered throughout the area and must have several new exhibits and artists to display. A look into how a culture of low-income expression is thriving in a depressing economy. There are art majors at the college I could talk to and a variety of local and possibly incoming artists to attempt interviews with.

Food Economy:

Granted, I’m not very keen on the ins and outs of the economy, but I do know it’s bad. I work in a restaurant, and one my co-workers supplied the idea of the impact of the economy on people, restaurants and other aspects of food service. She gave me the example of the Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore, which was a hip, 24-hour establishment, but has now reduced its hours simply because it can’t afford to stay open overnight.

Any thoughts?


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