Reporting Potential: Art Gallery Closes Due to Economics

February 1, 2009 at 11:28 pm (Reporting)

I’m not sure if this is the vein that I’ll be following throughout the entire semester, but the art economy is falling at least a little bit. In Virginia, there have been multiple closings of art galleries and institutes in the Charlottesville area. Most recently, the Spruce Creek Gallery has been forced to lock its doors, solely due to the economy, according to Sue Bernard, the gallery’s manager.

“People just aren’t buying, they’re coming in, they’re admiring, they’re saying nice things, they’re enjoying themselves looking around and then they are leaving,” she said. “Everybody is just too scared to buy something that they don’t really need.”

The gallery opened its doors in 1997 and hosted traditional and contemporary art exhibits featuring over 70 artists working in pottery, painting, jewelry, woodwork and furniture.

They hoped to re-open once the economy stabilizes, but the outlook isn’t all that great.

“I was trying to sort of leave my options open but I think it is going to be gone forever,” said Bernard.

Two other galleries – The Sage Moon Gallery and Migration: A Gallery – have already closed.

The closures of the galleries are, pretty obviously, an issue for everyone involved, the owners and managers, the artists they support and other companies that they are associated with.


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