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February 1, 2009 at 10:32 pm (Reaction)

In November 2006, the Baltimore Sun featured an article on Alfred Zeller and Edelweiss, the German bakery located on Harford Road, by Nicole Fuller. Zeller, a former accordion player, made his way in to Edelweiss and began playing on Thursday afternoons. The Sun’s Web site had a slide show to add to the effect of the story.

The slide show, featuring photographs by Barbara Haddock Taylor, on the Edelweiss, compliments the article quite nicely. Although, the article is actually quite captivating, the multimedia aspect of the story puts faces and a location to the subjects of the written piece.

Sound and visuals bring the reader into the spirit of the “German Thursdays”. As the article read like a story, the slide show brought its characters to life. The German accents that had been emphasized in the article were heard and a sense of the bakery’s happenings on a typical Thursday was conveyed more strongly.

Unfortunately, the bakery closed down in November 2007 after owner and baker Dietrich A. Paul’s death. You can find an excerpt from the Baltimore Sun’s article at the Harford Road, Hon blog.


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