Reaction Post: Regret the Error

February 8, 2009 at 11:52 pm (Reaction)

Not to be smart, of course, but I regret the error in the link from Dr. Lieb’s list of blogs to Craig Silverman’s Regret the Error blog. In this case, who better to quote than the blog master himself, Craig Silverman, in saying, “Mistakes happen?”


The number of blog posts varies per day (depending on how many spectacular errors can be found in newspapers). According to the site from Jan. 26, 2009 to Feb. 6, the average number of posts was 4.9 posts each day (excluding Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, when there were no posts). Most posts are explanations of different errors from different publications. These errors can be factual, gender-based, spelling or any of the other types of errors you can find in print.


Silverman is a Grammar Nazi’s dream blogger.


The errors are amusing to read about, especially for those who get off on feeling smarter than the rest of the population. I think the more interesting posts are those that come from his column, book and experiences as he-who-makes-journalists-regret-their-errors. They are the posts that tell the stories, make the anecdotes and have all-around personality.


Being a columnist, Silverman’s already got that voice that is engaging enough to keep people reading. He knows how to take a story with quirk and make it into a seemingly much bigger endeavor – like the man who sent him a package of errors he’d meticulously collected (and corrected) from morning papers. Maybe it makes him feel better that he’s not the only person who searches for such errors, but although they stack up, a few errors in a multitude of paper is better than a slew of errors in one paper (which is entirely possible, too).


I think his intent is good. I think he wants to make people aware of the existing errors to help them prevent the same errors from happening in their work. The excerpt from his book about the checklists was nothing but helpful.



  1. Craig Silverman said,

    Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for your post about my site. I’m glad to hear your find it useful, and you’re spot-on when it comes to my intent. My goal is help reduce the number of factual errors, and to help news organizations do a better job of correcting their mistakes.

    • ashleyvincent said,

      Thanks Craig,

      I can only hope that I can make sure to keep my errors to a minimum, too.

  2. Craig Silverman said,

    Ha, and I just realized I used “your” instead of “you” in the above comment. I regret the error.

  3. TL said,

    Thanks for pointing out the bad link, Ashley. It’s cool that you connected with the author!

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