Sam Sessa: An Interview with a Reporter

February 13, 2009 at 3:07 pm (Reporting)

I just got off the phone with Baltimore’s resident music caterer – Sam Sessa. As the Baltimore Sun’s local entertainment reporter (and blogger) and the voice of WTMD’s Baltimore Unsigned, he serves up the word on what Baltimore’s music scene has to offer.

The two of us had a nice little chit-chat about Baltimore, its trip up to music map stardom and what the scene has done to land itself on that road.

Impressively enough, Baltimore music has been getting a lot of press attention. Sessa mentioned he’d heard about being covered in spreads in the United Kingdom, Argentina and some Asian countries he didn’t even know existed.

He mentioned a few bands that he thought would be worth paying attention to: Dan Deacon, Beach House (who are playing Zodiac in Baltimore tonight!) and Ponytail, all of whom have been getting a little attention from the press. Animal Collective sat on the side waving pom poms, because although they’ve been getting the most press, they’re currently living in New York, so in his eyes, they don’t count right now.

Ellen Cherry, Among Wolves and J. Roddy Walston and the Business were his picks for those Baltimore’s Best Musicians Under the Radar (I made that title up, so what?).

What is it that draws people to Baltimore city? According to Sessa, it’s the unpretentious attitude of the “big town” (as opposed to a “little city”) that isn’t found in the more prominently known music scenes (i.e. New York or LA).

The big question: Does Baltimore have what it takes to stay a hot spot on the map? Right now, the scene is gaining momentum by being acknowledged and being taken seriously. So, we’ll see.


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  1. TL said,

    Very nice reporting post!

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