Dan Deacon: A Big Name You Probably Haven’t Heard of…

February 20, 2009 at 3:31 pm (Research)

I took Sam Sessa’s advice, did some research on Dan Deacon and came across this little nugget.

The clip from the BBC has a video embedded of Deacon’s Crystal Cat, which clearly is meant to distract its visitors from actually reading. I’m just kidding. In addition to the video, it’s got some nice background on Deacon’s music and personality. Oh, yeah. He has a new album (Bromst) that just leaked and is getting ready to be released in March.

His unconventional tastes have lead to unconventional music – which is part of the Wham City collective of artists and musicians centrally located in Baltimore and Hampden, Md. What’s more important is how much attention it’s been getting and how, since its inception, it has grown to need much larger accommodations.

“When I started Wham City we weren’t so much as an art collective as a group of people who bound together and worked under a common name to help bring attention to each other’s work.”

Once, he would perform from the audience as a way of being connected to them. Now, he’s had to take to the stage.

However, Deacon still has some crazy visions, including a show in a cave and possibly a hot air balloon.

“I’d love to play in a hot air balloon – that would be really cool,” he laughs. “I really want to do more guerrilla style tours where we find an electrical outlet and just play.”

And I think that’d be awesome.

(A Deacon-esque performance. Crystal Cat in Vancouver BC, Jan. 21, 2008. Placed strategically at the end of my post.)


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