Baltimore Radio, All the Time!

March 1, 2009 at 8:53 pm (Reporting, Research)

Towson University’s radio station has made waves in their newest feature. This week, WTMD debuted the “Baltimore Channel” on HDRadio. I chatted with Sam Sessa again about the new station. Right now, the station is broadcasting past recordings of his show Baltimore Unsigned, but has plans for much more exclusive content. According to Sessa, WTMD’s Baltimore Channel is the first of its kind in the area. The most remarkable thing, he said, is the fact that, in addition, to broadcasting on HD radio, which not many people have access to, the listener-funded station is streaming the HD channel online at their website. This is awesome, because the Internet has a much broader range of customers.

Check it out!

The channel had Sessa cringing at the sounds of his first shows, but reveling in the past performances and interviews with the local Baltimore musicians. What’s nice is that, since the station plays all-Baltimore, all the time, listeners can just tune in and know that they’re listening to Baltimore-native sounds, rather than most stations which, as Sessa said, “bury their local music program at midnight on a Sunday.”

This is a great thing – and pretty innovative as Sessa said. I think that making a station that plays only local musicians is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to promoting and expanding the scene, let alone helping it to thrive after the press attention that it’s been getting dies down.


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  1. PocketRadio said,

    “DEAD AIR: Radio’s great leap forward stalling in the Valley”

    “KMBH, the National Public Radio affiliate based in Harlingen, switched to HD this year, but the change did not boost its inconsistent analog signal in the upper Valley. Monsignor Pedro Briseño, the manager of the station and its television affiliate, did not return multiple calls and an e-mail requesting comment on the station’s shift. A fundraising campaign on the station asked local listeners to contribute to the upgrade earlier this year, touting the change as a service to listeners that would improve their experience. The station’s business manager said she could not reveal the cost of the upgrade, saying all media requests have to be routed to Briseño. A public information request faxed to the station Monday evening has not yet received a response. Organizations that receive government funding are subject to state and federal open records laws, but have seven business days to respond to information requests.”

    Yea, like NPR’s fund raising fraud.

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