Wham City Pre-voyage Preparations

March 8, 2009 at 11:16 am (Reporting)

This week I started a correspondence with Dan Deacon, one of the founding members of Wham City. Although, it has been difficult to maintain a conversation back and forth (as he’s been wrapping up a tour in Australia as I’ve been doing my research), I have gotten a few answers to some basic questions.

Beyond the basics of what Wham City actually is, Deacon gave me a few little clues to his feelings on its growth from a place to an “idea in constant flux,” and how, over time, it’s sort of changed the perception he holds on the collective he helped give birth to.

Additionally, I’ve begun to wander the city and become familiar with those little holes in the walls that Evan Tanner informed me of. Unfortunately, it’s been three weeks, and I still haven’t heard back from him, so I went to hunt him down last Monday, only to find that he’d called out for the night. It’s okay, though. I wrote down a little list of a couple of the places he named and managed to find myself the Windup Space, The Hexagon, The Metro Gallery, Charm City Art Space, and Zodiac (where much of Wham City’s events take place).

I’ve got some good things planned for the coming week. Beach House plays Sonar on Wednesday, Ear Pwr (newly signed to Carpark Records) and Adventure at Zodiac on Thursday and The Death Set at Ottobar on Friday night. I’ll have my camera and voice recorder ready. Anything could go down. Let’s do it.


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