Long Night After the Zodiac

March 13, 2009 at 12:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Last night I made my first adventure into Wham City territory. EAR PWR and Adventure were playing, as well as Bachelor of Arts and Dinowalrus. It was a good time, and everyone was friendly, except for me – I took the opportunity to be as shy as possible. But I made some new friends anyway. They should be keen to talk to me for my project.

The Zodiac was a cool little place. Once a full blown restaurant, it had to shut down due to the economy, when it’s current owner picked it up and proceeded to make it the new home of Wham City performances.

Bachelor of Arts was from Australia, and traveling with Dinowalrus. Both are on their way to SXSW, and they put on a great performance. EAR PWR played third, and I may have been the only one not in the band to be doing any dancing. Sarah and Devin were high energy and meshed well together as they played on the floor. Devin fidgeted with gadgets in a suitcase and wailed with a megaphone as Sarah danced about the floor and in the audience.

Adventure’s Benny forgot to bring one of his cords to connect to all of his tunes, so instead of a prescribed dance party playlist, he searched through his Macbook for some mixes and fun things to dance to. The audience had no problem with that and just wanted to do some dancing. And dance they did.

I ran into Alex from Beach House, who I’d just seen the night before, and Dan Deacon was there. After overcoming the huge hurdle I placed in front of those who were just as socially awkward as I am, I had some good conversations and definitely intend to go back. There were some good people there.

During the show, I made a special bond with Joel Fernandez. We shared a simultaneous bathroom experience and as he opened the door for me to approach the bathroom, when I left, I happened to hold the door open for him. At Zodiac, that’s all you really need. He extended an invitation to an after-show gathering, where there was talk, and filming for a music video for the band Future Island, also from North Carolina. Watch out for me in their video.


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