Brian Stelter: What Do You Do?

March 22, 2009 at 8:09 pm (Speakers)

I made that title in the vein of small children’s novels, because the other day on Google, our favorite colorful letters were replaced by an interpretation by Eric Carle for the first day of spring.

Thanks, Claire

Moving on… We have a guest speaker in class tomorrow. Brian Stelter of the New York Times, but even more importantly, of Towson University. Let’s hear a round of … oh, right. This isn’t television. Anyway, we’ve got to come up with some questions for Mr. Stelter, but that involves research.

What did I know to begin with? He graduated from Towson University. He works at the New York Times and he started a blog when he was 17. That’s what got him noticed.

I’m curious about the blog.

1. When you started Cable/TV Newser was it just for your entertainment or did you plan on having it as something to add to your resume?

2. How did you feel about leaving your blog when you left for the Times? How is the Decoder different from TV Newser?

3. How do you use the Decoder to aid in your reporting?

4. Do you find working on the blog to be time-consuming? Would you like to put more content on it?

5. Being a New York Times-affiliated blog, do you find that you have to watch what kind of content you’re putting on it?

6. Do you find that a blog with a personal voice adds or detracts from its value?


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