The Sound of Here: Research

March 22, 2009 at 8:58 pm (Research)

You know what? My google news alerts have been failing me and I actually had to go out and search all on my own for this article.

The Sound of Here: Why Baltimore Rocks was from a section of the Washington Post, called Express Night Out. Express Night Out, I believe is a small section based on the nightlife – the Web site has blogs, events, reviews and articles. I assume most of them make their way into the print edition.

What’s really important here is the guts of the article. What it’s about is low-key musical hot spots around Baltimore. This will be handy for the next portion of my project about the small hole-in-the-wall-type oddball venues. That’s in the works though, and I might actually make that my slideshow. Once decisions are made, this blog will be the first to know.

First, they start off with Sound Garden, a record store in Fells Point that probably has more to offer than it should. From what the article says, it’s pretty booming for a record store in the age of digital music.

They made mention of some of the multitudes of music now coming out of Baltimore, and how it’s been growing as a scene. A quote from Dan Deacon sums it up nicely:

“One of the things that makes Baltimore Baltimore is that so many people pass it over or don’t even consider it. It forces Baltimore to create its own culture.”

Hence press attention and my project.

Following, they set up a list of venues to hit for indie performances. Sonar, 8×10, Ottobar, Floristree and Zodiac are the key places mentioned. Zodiac has been the venue in which a few of my previous posts took place, so I think enough’s been said about that one.

Floristree is a name I’ve seen before, and I would really like to see it somehow, but it’s a magical secret venue that I have not come to find. It is a key player in the eyes of DIY and/or warehouse concerts.


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