Wham City Nights

March 22, 2009 at 7:17 pm (Reporting)

Over spring break, I began to make appearances at Zodiac (1726 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD, 21201), the hub of most Wham City happenings. While I was making myself comfortable, I didn’t catch any direct quotes, but as I became more familiar with the surroundings, I became a little bit more familiar to the locals.

I’ve already written about the EAR PWR and Adventure show last Friday. On Monday night, they had a game night (which they do every first and third Monday). It was pretty low-key. It was also very welcoming and there was no sense of being an outsider at all. Last night I was there again for a much more crowded and less electronic-based musical experience with Double Dagger and Future Island.

Wednesday night, during the lecture series at Zodiac and the Ed Schrader Show at the Metro Gallery just down the street, I’ll be having some face to face interivews.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25th @Zodiac 21+ only 7PM SHARP! $2

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25th @The Metro Gallery 8PM $5

Luckily, for the sake of this blog, I do have some e-mail interviews to back things up.

First I talked to Todd Hyman, the founder of Carpark Records. Several Wham City affiliated artists are on his label, and the reason for starting Carpark was because after a DJ night, he felt that a number of artists needed to be on a label, so he created one for them. How his artists get signed – if he likes their music and they put on a good show, that’s pretty much all that’s necessary.

I also had a few basic questions answered by Dina Kelberman and Dan Deacon – two of the founding members of Wham City. Kelberman’s answers – as she isn’t a musician – may have actually changed the angle of the entire piece and I think it will be a nice overview and insight into Wham City actually is once I’ve gotten all of my quotes officially. Deacon also gave a really nice sense of what Wham City has actually become.


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