Do It Yourself Meet World

March 24, 2009 at 10:51 pm (Research)

The idea of do-it-yourself music is nothing new, and it’s nothing particularly regional. That’s the most basic way of promotion – grass roots and all. Part of that is the venue, and with Ticketmaster and other corporates gobbling up all of the venues ticket sales and raising the prices, it’s pretty difficult to draw a crowd to a show of little known artist with high ticket prices.

As an answer to that, there are the D.I.Y. venues that make it easier for the financially-challenged to hear some new stuff and have a good time. The best part about these places is that you could walk right by one in the middle of the day and not give it a second thought. They come in the form of houses, warehouses, and little holes in the wall with non-descript signage.

I liked the story here, at the Valley Advocate, about Dan Moriarty and and his idea of a concert series in a house in the woods. He thought a house in the woods would be a great place for a show. “No neighbors means no one to bother.”

The series soon became known as Experimental Music Palace, where they held shows with audiences of up to 200 people without any incidents. Eventually, word got out, and some DJs thought that a big act from Boston (Caspian) should play a show there. Eventually, that was overturned, but Moriarty kept his eyes set on finding the right venue for the show. It’s taking place at the Iron Horse on March 27.

More D.I.Y. venue news to come.


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