SXSW aftermath

March 24, 2009 at 9:26 pm (Reaction)

Well, it’s not really an aftermath situation, but I found a couple of articles written during and just after the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival that took place last week in Texas. The festival has three components: music, film and a conference.

Granted, I’m not quite sure where the next module is headed just yet, but I’m working on it and looking into some D.I.Y. information. Supposedly, that’s what SXSW is about.

The first article, an interview with David Brown (the host and editor of Texas Music Matters), talks about the economic boost that the festival provides to Texas. It also focuses on how the epic center of SXSW is ultimately the D.I.Y.-type music, which is what seems to be taking over as the record industry falls. In an interesting twist, the ticket sales were down, but the number of bands had gone up.

(EAR PWR and Dinowalrus, who I mentioned in an entry last week made appearances at the festival).

On the other side of things, after the festival ended, CNN posted a grand summary of the musical aspect of the festival. Unfortunately, there seemed to be disappointment, overall, in the fact that many attendees were attracted more to the major acts than the unsigned musicians trying to gain some exposure.

I think this excerpt sums the point up:

“Austin-based band the Vincents played a slew of gigs throughout the week and received positive feedback from the people who attended their shows, many of whom purchased their CD. But they ultimately felt overshadowed by the swarms of industry types who were constantly rushing to the next secret show or exclusive party.”


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