Cardstacker: Reaction

March 29, 2009 at 11:42 pm (Reaction)

So, I just took a look at The Cardstacker. What is The Cardstacker? Well, The Cardstacker is a flipbook (stop-animation) story told in photos and narration of Bryan Berg. Bryan Berg is a professional cardstacker, and his story is told through his narration and photos of an event at the State Fair of Texas.

Personal thoughts? Wow. On both accounts. On Berg’s for being awesome. On photographer Tom Fox and audio-man Michael Hamtil’s collaboration and work on this epic piece of storytelling. It’s like art.

I think that these types of stories are really effective – well, if you have the right tools and the right story. The sound of a leaf blower cannot be matched by words. Watching the cards slowly build themselves into large-scale, miniature skyscrapers and a cityscape or reading about it is like comparing paper to rock. Paper always wins.

Hearing the sounds of the leaf blower and the crowd was a nice touch after listening to the story. Also, I should make mention that I thought the use of stop-motion was good, too. Single photographs are nice, but they’re tough to work with. You can have one good photograph out of 100, but I feel that in this instance, 100 okay to all right photographs is perfectly acceptable because they’re constantly changing – you’re not stuck looking at a bunch of mediocre photographs for a long time.

Good luck, Ashley on attempting to make something 1/10th this cool.


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