I forgot to mention…

April 1, 2009 at 10:44 am (Reporting)

Last week, I also talked to Ed Schrader, Adam Endres and Tara Megos.

All of them had similar and different takes on Wham City and Baltimore as a whole.

Schrader and Endres moved to Baltimore, while Megos is a Baltimore native. Schrader found Baltimore very welcoming and is happy with the shift in direction that Wham City has diverged into with Baltimore. Endres (runs the Zodiac) was a little more sarcastic, but helpful nontheless. He provided a comic tone (although Schrader’s the performing comedian) to everything despite, and can come off as a jerk, but he’s a good guy, I promise.

Megos (Zodiac’s bartender), had a very uplifting and hopeful tone to her answers. She loves music and art. She loves Baltimore. And she loves the Wham City community. She provided an interesting outlook to things in terms of city officials, which unfortunately, I did not get to use in my story.

Perhaps, I can use them for my next story, which I think I’ve finally figured out.

Last night, I went to the Zodiac – they were screening Ghostbusters, and Endres came in in a huff. He’d just been to the community meeting (which I’d wanted, but didn’t have time to go to). There they were discussing a bill that’s been put on the table regarding regulations for venues.

According to Endres, the bill’s intent was to make it easier for venues to open, but it came with a bunch of re-zoning and a new “moral” code. From what Endres was saying, it sounds like, someone (an official of sorts, I believe) can walk into a venue, and if they don’t like what’s happening inside, they can shut the place down.

I think that would make for a REALLY interesting story.


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