City Council Bill – Live Entertainment.

April 5, 2009 at 11:32 pm (Research)

City Council Bill 08-0163 has a month to go until the council votes to pass or veto it. The Baltimore Business Journal took a look at the businesses (i.e. venues and their owners/communities) that have made it a priority to work against the bill. The article gives a brief business oriented overview of what the bill would enact and require.

Sonar, located on East Saratoga Street, was used as an example, for the bill proposes an expansion to the venue. However, its CEO, Daniel McIntosh is among the many concert venue owners who have created a group to show their concerns for the bill in its current state.

The group is called the Baltimore Live Arts Business Association and they showed up at the packed Community Work Session on Tuesday, March 31 among residents and artists who wanted to voice their matters of the bill.

Residents were worried about how the bill could affect their residential neighborhood areas if musical venues were to encroach. Artists and venue owners were concerned that their smaller venues would not be able to hold steady with the licensing fees (which have not yet been determined, but some other news sources have calculated the yearly fees to be above $1000), and compete with larger, more well-off establishments in Baltimore.

According to Baltimore’s City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, with a month until the vote, the bill is still changing. She says they may consider protecting the current establishments somehow.

When Zodiac’s proprietor, Adam Endres, opened the bar after the meeting on Tuesday, he did not seem satisfied by the assurances made in this article. In fact, he was fuming.

The bill is slated to hit legislation on April 29, and be voted on May 6.

There are two more Community Work Sessions to attend: April 16 and 23.


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