Reporting: Module 3

April 12, 2009 at 11:45 pm (Reporting)

Thank goodness we got an extension here, although I have a little bit of an angle shift to deal with. So far I’ve been working on the actual progress of the Live Entertainment Bill. Now, I’m going to be working towards talking to venue owners and focus on the challenges of creating performance spaces.

The Live Entertainment bill is still going to be part of the story, as one of the challenges of creating venues in Baltimore. The interesting thing is that it creates a challenge, although it’s intent is to help.

So far, most of my e-mails have concerned the bill itself. The only respondent so far has been Derek Morrell, the manager of Rams Head Live!. His feelings are that the bill is really set on making more money for the city. He gave me a nice overview of how the taxes affect his business and his customers, and how it would be difficult to put even more money towards the business. This is surprising because Rams Head is one of the bigger venues in Baltimore.

I am going to be adventuring though North Avenue at the Windup Space and the Hexagon, hopefully chatting with the club owners about how they went about opening up their spaces. I’ll be asking if they had any issues, how they might advise anyone wanting to begin a performance space and possibly how they foresee this changing were the bill to go into affect.

I haven’t yet contacted Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. With the due date being pushed back, I have been given the opportunity to attend the Community Work Session on Thursday evening. I’ll be going there and I plan on doing a lot of interviews with venue owners, managers and supporters. I will also be attempting to talk to Rawlings-Blake.

I think I’ll try to post a re-working of the story tomorrow with the new angle.

I also have been working on contacting members of the Transmodern Festival, which I am hoping to cover in Module four.


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