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April 19, 2009 at 10:56 pm (Reaction)

I decided to respond to the online reading Why Photojournalists Should Gather Audio by Brian Storm.

It’s a little outdated, being from 2005 and the current stock we’ve put into video, but it’s still relevant. As beginning journalists, we’ve begun to experiment with photography and other forms of electronic journalism (hello, blog).

The story was a good way of firing off benefits of adding sound to photos. In addition to enriching the the story, it’s a good financial benefit. Even though it takes a lot more energy to gather and organized video, the end result should be worth it. Audio gives the story a more personal and in-depth feel, while complementing the photo – which is necessary in the age of information. Even though pictures say a whole lot, we’ve gotten to the point that where even a picture needs rounding out.

What I enjoyed about the article was the different perspectives and effects that the combination of words, photo and audio can have. The inclusion of different outlets was a nice touch, too.

Interestingly enough, he provided a section on how this combination compares to shooting video. This makes a good argument for the still images – one being it works better for print, also.

From Briggs, I’m responding to Chapter 11. As we’re getting ready to work on our slideshows, one of the more prominent things I need to be paying attention to is the voice-over/narration. Unfortunately, the introduction to my chapter ruined my dreams. My dreams of being an improvisational master have just been crushed. Even so, I’ve already started “preparing” my narrative.

Unfortunately, much of my interviewing and such was done before this chapter happened, and I don’t believe that my slideshow will have audio interview. Even so, I’ve got some good advice for future audio stories. Of course, that’s what always got me nervous.

It’s kind of crazy how the voice-overs and interview sound clips are different. I’m baffled. It’s the completely the opposite of what I would have written a script as. But the voice-over is currently more applicable. I’ve never taken any sort of broadcasting courses, so this is my first introduction to anything of the sort.

The script from the hurricane family was helpful – and probably a slight model I’ll look to when I’m writing my script this week. What should be basic common knowledge would be the “operative words” but its definitely helpful knowledge for me to know.

Hopefully it helps enough.


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  1. TL said,

    Glad you found the second reading so helpful.

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