Doing some chit-chatting…

April 26, 2009 at 5:25 pm (Reporting)

This week I had the opportunity to chit-chat with Catherine Pancake, the person behind the Transmodern Festival and get a little backstory and ambitions of the festival.

There is a lot of hope and good-will in the Festival’s “mission statement.” Initially it formed as a way to showcase the female avant-garde artists in the mid-Atlantic area.

Pancake was impressed by this year’s festival and many of the exhibits that were installed. Its attendance had grown from around 150 in its first year to around 2000 people this year. She mentioned the Human Foosball table, which was a huge success compared to the budget it was given.

As it continues to grow, she said she’d like to find more intellectual connections with the festival and its exhibits/performers. Overall, she looks forward to watching it unfold as it and trying to understand it herself as it continues to take on new forms and meanings.

I also asked one of the performers, Shana Moulton, some questions.

Moulton was one of the performers at the Transmodern Festival’s opening ceremony. She is a visual performer who examines different aspects of life and communication in a quirky way.

Her performance at the Transmodern Festival was about women, and showed her influences of hypochondria and negative body image. Even with its “heavy” content, Moulton’s performances are light and enjoyable – tending to one of the messages she tries to convey through her work: “Don’t take anything too seriously.”


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