Law and Ethics for Blogs: Reaction

April 26, 2009 at 10:57 pm (Reaction)

Hm… I really didn’t think that blogs were to this level of seriousness. By that, I mean there have been lawsuits regarding blogs. Weblogs. Wow. That’s pretty disgusting. I was really glad to see that many cases were dismissed because the supposed libel was opinion. The fact that this has become a legitimate issue is pretty bogus if you ask me. (This was written as a response to Mindy McAdams’ blog post entitled “Libel suits, blogs, and comments”

Ethics – now there’s a concept I am grasping. Granted, a lot of things on the OJR’s piece about blog ethics were basics. And basics aren’t hard to hold onto. “Disclose” – that’s a good one to keep in the noggin. Links, links, links – so that the readers know where your information came from and so that they can find out more for themselves, should they want to. At least that’s what I got out of that one. “Check it out, then tell the truth” is essentially a basic principle of journalism. Just make sure what you write isn’t false information. No one wants that spoiling their day. And no blogger/journalist needs that to ruin their career and credibility.

News Judgment, I think, was the “newest,” most important concept on ASNE’s article on Online Journalism as a New Frontier. It was a good wrap-up of everything and it made it clear exactly how expansive and involved that the world of online journalist is becoming.

It’s a little frightening.


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