New Festivals: A plus!

April 26, 2009 at 11:49 pm (Research)

It’s never a disappointment to see that a festival is coming to town, especially one that could be annual. What was disappointing is that I wasn’t there. What can I say? It was Tigerfest.

Anyway, thanks to Sam Sessa, I found out about a new festival: The Station North Spring Festival. It took place in… the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. Founded by Joe Squared Pizza and Bar owner Joe Edwardsen, the festival was set to have multiple stages (15, I believe) in various locations including Joe Squard The Zodiac, Windup Space and Hexagon. The price? Free!

Events included music, burlesque and a fashion show – all taking place at different spots in the district.

It’s not only sparking up interests of the entertainment buffs, either.

Jacques Kelly, a columnist for the Baltimore Sun, took interest in the festival as well. His stance on it leaned more on the idea that the festival will help to revive the district’s market.

Kelly pointed out that the Station North Arts and Entertainment District had pretty much plummeted after a six-alarm fire in 1968 and for nearly 40 years, the area was dead. This death of the area has been undermined by the art students and supporters who have taken over the area in an “attempt” to revive it. So far, things look good. That’s what the festival is celebrating.

I’m bummed I missed out on the opportunity to get to the festival and its too bad I’ll have to wait a year to (hopefully) experience it. I’ll be on the lookout for info and reviews of this festival. I’m glad it’s sparked a lot of interest, because it’s a nice area that isn’t getting the love it deserves.


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