Multimedia package design: A reaction!

May 3, 2009 at 10:20 pm (Reaction)

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I don’t believe that counts in Web site design, but I’m going to attempt to make some sort of connection.

While looking at the few multimedia package designs, I definitely reacted. I made my judgments and confirmed which one I liked best from the list. This one that I called best was the Islam in Europe project. It was the cleanest, in my opinion. Its statement is clear as soon as the page loads, and the layout doesn’t ever change.

Inside the Toughman was not my favorite. It was not my least favorite either, but it was definitely on the more negative side of the spectrum. Straight away it starts off with a video and there’s no way to stop it. Everything is video (although there is the option to see the text). Really, I see the design as either too busy or too simple. There’s a lot of white space, which is nice for video viewing, but why not make the video bigger. I was not a fan.

Jonathan Harris’ The Whale Hunt made me smile so much with its opening page. It was clean, it was simple and it was classy. In comparison to the last project, when I say “simple” here, I mean it in a good way. The front page was almost artistic, with all of the focus on the center photo, and tiny directional links almost like captions. Once I clicked into the project I was depressed. As an experiment, I don’t frown, but I don’t know if my computer wasn’t well-equipped enough or if the project was just too complex for me and that was a turn-off.

My least favorite, though was A Song Shall Carry Them Home – a project about two musical brothers from Mexico. It is too busy. Even though a bulk of the words are summarizing information, there are too many of them crammed into not enough space. The main page of the project looks like a page from the middle of a newspaper section. That – combined with the advertisements’ creation of “white space” – the design is the opposite of eye candy.

So, in light of my attempt to relate Newton’s Law to Web design, “the more time you put into a bad layout, the more disappointed visitors will be with the result.”


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