Reaction: Reflections

May 11, 2009 at 12:56 pm (Reaction)

Well, okay then. In creating my multimedia project, I found within myself a lot more than I had initially anticipated I could do. As always, I struggled with interviews – I get nervous when preparing them and even initiating them. I’m not sure I’ll ever really overcome that. After an epic battle with notepad and tables, I finally buckled down and learned how to use Dreamweaver (thanks to Graphics class). I’m kind of glad I did – then again, I’ll really miss it in about two weeks when I no longer have access to it.

I almost want to keep working on the package, even though it’s “complete.” Like I’ve said a good number of times in the actual package, the Baltimore music scene is huge. Not many people take into consideration the music that comes out of their own city and there are so many levels and facets that make the Baltimore music scene what it is. If I wanted to cover everything, I don’t know if this project would ever be completed. And that might be necessary. Unfortunately, I’m moving out of the area, so I won’t have the immediate access that I currently have.

I only seriously edited the second module. The others I may have changed links that didn’t function and made slight spelling grammar changes. Nothing serious.

A lot of good people helped me out with this project – and I’ve provided them with their own page in order to give them the thanks they deserve (and I’ll be sending out e-mails, finally, with the completed project).

But really, I feel like I did learn a lot about my own abilities in doing this project. There were times when I felt a little awkward – partly because there were a lot of things that I did want to get involved in myself – but it would have taken up my attention that should be observing everything. I cheated a little. I couldn’t help it, some of the events were too fun to not get involved. When it came down to it, though, interviews were strictly interviews and they weren’t so bad once they got started.

I explored one part of the scene deeply and already think I’ve made a good breakthrough to why Baltimore was named the Best Scene of 2008. And since I haven’t seen anything like a Best of 2009 from Rolling Stone, I guess the title’s going to stick around for a bit.

I think if I were to explored the scene a little more, I would definitely need to hit up the underground rock bands, the hip hop scene and the club scene. These would probably be the top priority. Like Matt Davis said when I first talked with him, there are so many different genres and sub genres that the scene has to offer. It would take time, but they definitely need to be explored and put together. Hello, summer vacation.


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