April 19, 2009 at 9:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve come across this blog before, actually. Aptly titled “The Scene” covers the scene as it spreads from Baltimore to the D.C. area.

In addition to its musically-based content, it has been updating on the city legislation and its work sessions. So far, there have been three updates as the City Council has held its Community Work Sessions. Richard – the maintainer of the blog, or at least the one who’s been writing the entries about the City Legislation – mentions that most of his news has been taken from the page of the Baltimore Live Arts Supporters (BLAS).

This latest entry focuses on the most recent revision of the Bill. The new version has taken into account a lot of the issues that the blog readers and those complaining have brought to the City Council’s attention. The blog puts things into some nice simple terms (although they’re also in the BLAS group page with more details).

What’s good, as it reports (and in general), is that the bill is moving in a more positive direction. By “positive” I mean more clear and more fitting of a compromise (despite the Baltimore Live Arts Business Association’s and BLAS wishes to completely abandon the bill). Even with the changes, the bill is still not completely solid. There are still some concerns with it – the main one being the impending date of the final vote.

As those affected see it, things are moving way too fast.


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Transmodern: Dan Deacon at Floristree

April 5, 2009 at 12:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Last night’s performance was intense!! The floor was at capacity at about 10 p.m., and everyone was left waiting for Dan Deacon’s “Bromst” performance.

First, they had to sit through 3 performing acts before the concert began, and then two shortened sets by Deacon’s touring mates, fellow Baltimore group, Teeth Mountain and Future Island.

There was the expected madness during Deacon’s set, but it was almost cult-like as the lights flashed and the music played.

At the end, Deacon made a speech about the new live entertainment bill and how everyone should work to fight it.

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Transmodern Festival: Part 1

April 3, 2009 at 11:24 am (Uncategorized)

I went to the opening ceremonies of Baltimore’s Sixth Annual Transmodern Festival last night. The festival is to present local and travelling performers, filmmakers, artists and musicians.

Last night consisted of two performance artists, a filmmaker/performer and a musical performance group, from what I could gather. Also, a fortune teller sat by the entrance of the Whole Gallery on the H&H building’s third floor.

Throughout the festival, attendees are invited to participate in an art installation called, “The Temporary Nature of Ideas.” Fabrics, glue, safety pins, scissors and yarn are offered to create substance for a fleeting idea, and will be added to all the others outside on a system of pullies.

Artists Jenny Graf, Shana Multon, Animal Charm and Helicopter Dude performed and each was completely different.

Tonight starts off at 8:30, and will be taking place in three of the building’s four floors. The Whole Gallery will be maintaining installations from last night, as well as a few more.

The 5th Dimension will be presenting four artists: Ami Dang, Hermonie Only, Liz Downing & Michael Willis, and Smelling Salts Amusements.

Gallery Four will be holding four installations by Julia Oldham, Sarada Conway & Jackie Milad, Services United, and David Moré.

Additionally, there will be many performers and artists roaming throughout the festival and including attendees in their projects.

Photos soon-ish.

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Bromst – an overview (but not by me).

March 23, 2009 at 1:05 pm (Uncategorized)

I was perusing Google News, like I do from time to time, and I came across this little nugget from my new favorite newspaper insert-type thing.

What we have here is a bit of a review on Dan Deacon’s new album, Bromst (which I haven’t had a chance to listen to). It’s out on Carpark Records, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. If you’re poor, you’re in luck. NPR is streaming the album for free.

Deacon is preparing to tour through April and May – starting in Philadelphia April 3, at the First Unitarian Church.

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A Good Night with The Death Set

March 15, 2009 at 5:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Friday night ended the onslaught of shows that made my weekend. Ninjasonik and The Death Set played at the Ottobar in North Baltimore. It was a wild night with an interesting all-over-the-place crowd.

It was an interesting show, but I’m not sure if I could say it was my scene. Punk rock just isn’t my thing. That isn’t to say it wasn’t a good time. In addition to punk, there was a lot of dancing and energy floating about the room.

What was the most interesting thing was that each band had members of the other bands on stage, and by the time The Death Set took the stage, every person that performed that night had joined them on stage. It was a very different experience.

The band’s lead singer said something on stage that caught my attetion. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it was something to the effect of:

We’re in a time where all the bands are trying to stick out, but what have here, this is a group. This is my family.

I ran into Tara, the bartender we’d met the previous night at Zodiac. After a short chit-chat, she offered to answer some questions for me. Next Saturday, I’ll be talking to her for my project. Although she’s not a member of Wham City, she’s been working as the Zodiac’s bartender for a few years now, and is definitely affiliated. She’ll make a nice contact.

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