Hello, Aaron LaCrate. It’s nice to meet you.

May 3, 2009 at 10:47 pm (Research)

Thank you for sharing Baltimore club music with the world. It’s always nice to have some attention.

The feature and Q&A from Blackook Mag gives some insight to the already popular DJ and designer Aaron LaCrate and his background. In addition to those two resume builders, LaCrate is working on his record label B-More Gutter World Wide.

Clothing was something he had done since he was 13 for lack of better options. Lily Allen endorses the clothing. Other celebrities have asked for personal designs.

His music history comes from Baltimore club music and he mentions his mentor DJ Equalizer. Equalizer was actually the first person to sell B-more club music to the world. According to LaCrate, it sends a true message to those from Baltimore.

Despite dropping B-more from his clothing line’s name (for aesthetics), LaCrate has some pride for his city and good memories of the sounds that have come out of it. He mentioned that growing up the Baltimore club scene when he did was a great time for influential DJs.

Anyway, it’s not what I’d covered in my stories for the MCOM407 project, but Baltimore club music is a facet of Baltimore music. And all facets should be explored.


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